The teenage years have always been a very challenging time in a person’s life. In today’s culture, the challenges are tougher than ever. Every aspect of our culture wants to pull our teens away from God. At FCC, the Student Ministries strives to nurture the relationship between teens and God. Through weekly Bible study meetings, in-church ministry opportunities, and multiple outings and camps throughout the year, we seek to challenge and equip our teens for God’s calling for their lives. On Wednesday nights, teens (7th grade thru 12th grade) gather in their very own building where they experience a balance of Biblical studies, Godly worship, and fun & games. We encourage each of them to be kind and loving to every soul they encounter. On Sundays, our teens serve in ministries all over the campus. Some serve with media & technology, others serve and teach in Children’s Church, while some help after church in the food pantry. We believe that our children are our most valuable asset and the future of our church, nation, and world.